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Countering hate speech on social media

The ABU has held a two-day workshop in Kuala Lumpur on building on countering hate speech on social media.

The workshop on 18-19 January took place under a UNESCO IPDC project in which public broadcasters help building a culture of tolerance and understanding.

Part of the IPDC Project is an in-country consultancy-workshop for the managers of media organisations from targeted countries (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Timor-Leste) on how to be more present on social media.

The workshop focused on social media strategy with extra attention to hate speech, on the elements of a successful strategy, from building a solid foundation to engaging with the audience.

Media professionals from RTM, Media Prima and Happy Campers attended the workshop led by trainer and consultant Sanne Breimer.

Participants shared their knowledge and understanding of the use of social media and exchanged views on the importance of having public service broadcasters on social media and recognising them as a trusted source of information.

Overall, the project acknowledges that public broadcasters need all the support they can get to preserve and enhance their status as a trusted source of information.

They need to build their capacity as a catalyst of changing minds, attitudes and behaviour of the public.

It’s vital for broadcasters to expand their reach into social networks and new platforms to counter disinformation and hate speech and build a culture of tolerance and understanding among different groups.