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Ex TV host removed from office as Nepal’s deputy PM

A former popular television host who became Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minister has been removed from office and from his parliamentary seat by the Supreme Court for violating citizenship laws.

Rabi Lamichhane, 48, had become Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister after his newly formed party joined the coalition government last month.

Mr Lamichhane relinquished his American citizenship in 2018 but the court ruled on 27 January that he had not reapplied for Nepali citizenship. It said he had therefore improperly contested the election.

He also lost the presidency of his RSP party, which remains a member of the ruling coalition.

On 29 January, Mr Lamichhane successfully reapplied for Nepali citizenship and was reinstated as party president.

A by-election is expected soon in his constituency of Chitwan-2, which he won with a huge majority in the November general election. His lawyer said he would contest the by-election.