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Indonesian TV stations ‘must be selective’ in covering social media

(Photo: KPI – Twitter)

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) has asked television stations to be selective in choosing viral content on social media that they plan to air.

KPI Commissioner Nuning Rodiyah said broadcasting institutions must consider whether such content was beneficial for the public or not, Antara news agency reports.

It was permissible to show viral content as long as broadcasters were selective in choosing it, she said.

Ms Rodiyah referred to a video circulated on TikTok that showed an elderly woman taking a mud bath to beg for money, saying this had made people uncomfortable.

She urged broadcasters not to promote such content and said it could degrade public morality.

However, she said it was still acceptable to broadcast viral content if it was intended to help dissect a particular phenomenon, with competent sources or experts included in the broadcast.