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EBS airs programme on renowned Korean dancers

(Image: EBS)

Korean public educational TV channel EBS has aired the first episode of a four-part programme featuring renowned Korean dancers, the latest edition of its documentary series ‘Voice’.

The dancers in the series have different specialties, from traditional Korean dance and street dance to contemporary dance and ballet, The Korea Herald reports.

Collaborating with the Korea Arts & Cultural Education Service, the documentary series features different professions, ranging from architects and pianists to actors and poets.

Launched in 2020, it aims to present lesser-known, personal stories of Korean artists and delves into their philosophy on arts and culture education.

The latest four-part series begins with husband-and-wife choreographers J Black and Mary (pictured), who rose to fame in Korea by starring in multiple TV shows.

In the series, the two open up about being considered “social misfits” and the prejudice they faced over being street dancers in the past, as well as what dancing truly means to them.

Traditional Korean dancer Lee Hee-ja, contemporary dancer Ahn Eun-me and ballerina Kim Joo-won are set to star in the remaining episodes. The programme  airs each Friday.