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ABU Radio Asia 2022

Building a new future for radio

So much has changed over the past three years – our world, our societies, our listeners, and our industry – that we are effectively having to reinvent radio itself.

As part of that re-imagining and rebuilding, the 2022 ABU RadioAsia Conference will this year be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 4-5 September but also streamed live so members and guests from across the region and around the world can take part.

The first day (4 September) will be dedicated to training and workshops, while the second day (5 September) will be packed full with expert panels, presentations, and discussions (see the Agenda below). And, as a special bonus, for the first time the ABU will be partnering the Radiodays Asia conference, from 6-7 September, making this a Super Conference.

ABU RadioAsia 2022 is themed Smart, Social and Everywhere, to reflect the new reality of the world we’re now working in. Not only are we slowly emerging from the worst global pandemic in 100 years, but we are doing it in a fundamentally changed media environment, one forever altered by the arrival of the Fourth Information Age, Web 3.0 and a world awash with tweets, posts and streams.

To help make sense of this we will be joined by a host of internationally recognised media experts eager to share their expertise and experience, to help us all navigate this new world.

Everyone will have something to offer as we discuss what the past digital decade and the recent three pandemic years have taught us, what we discovered we’ve done right and what we could have done better.