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Radio Pakistan holds ‘grand dialogue’ on World Radio Day

(Photo: Radio Pakistan)

Radio Pakistan has marked World Radio Day by holding a dialogue among FM channels, streaming channels and OTT platforms to discuss the emerging new digital broadcasting ecosystem.

What it called a “grand dialogue” took place at National Broadcasting House in Islamabad on 13 February.

Speakers stressed the need for collaboration among the key stakeholders to flourish collectively and better serve the nation with positive and constructive information.

Along with heads of broadcasting and technology companies, academicians and health experts took part in the discussions.

The Director General of Radio Pakistan, Tahir Hassan, said the emerging trends of digital broadcasting demanded collaboration among the relevant organisations.

He highlighted the measures being taken to improve the performance of the national radio broadcaster.

Apart from the main event in Islamabad, similar dialogues were held at Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation stations in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit.