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Nepal marks World Radio Day

(Photo: ACORAB)

World Radio Day on 13 February has been marked in Nepal both by the national radio broadcaster and by community radio stations.

The Executive Director of Radio Nepal, Buddhi Bahadur KC, extended his best wishes to listeners on the occasion and pledged that the broadcaster would improve its content and technology.

He said Radio Nepal had been playing a crucial role since its establishment in 1951 by educating, informing and entertaining the people.

Meanwhile the Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal (ACORAB) held a discussion in Kathmandu on 13 February on the role of radio in the political, social and economic transformation of the country.

The five speakers agreed that radio had been one of the most trusted means of information dissemination in Nepal for many decades and was continuing its  mission of communication.

They said it should reflect the voices of all groups in society including senior citizens, children and people in rural areas.