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Qatar Media Corporation puts a focus on sports

(Photo: The Peninsula)

The Qatar Media Corporation provided extensive coverage of the country’s National Sports Day on 14 February.

It’s television and radio stations offered several hours of programmes devoted to a wide range of sporting issues, The Peninsula reports.

The TV coverage from 8am to 3pm included interviews with physicians to discuss the importance of sports and its role in preventing chronic diseases.

It promoted changes in the lifestyle of the elderly who practice sports and looked at the role of the family in instilling a culture of exercise and the diversity of sports hobbies.

Qatar Radio’s coverage of National Sports Day lasted from 8am to 4pm. It included interviews with specialists in nutrition, sports and mental health.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency, the CEO of the Qatar Media Corporation, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Thani bin Khalid Al Thani, described the coverage as comprehensive and diversified in line with the National Sports Day objectives.

He said QMC’s coverage stemmed from a belief in the role of the media in spreading awareness of the importance of sport and the need to adopt it as a daily behaviour.