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Journalism training held in Uzbekistan

ABU News has hosted three-and-a-half days of journalism training at Asiavision member MTRK Uzbekistan.

The training in Tashkent included modules on television news writing, interviewing, live crosses, mobile journalism (Mojo) and news production.

The training was presented in Uzbek and Russian by internationally respected journalism trainer and mojo specialist Marat Sadykov.

The participants included reporters, producers and camera operators.

“We analysed 1.5-2 minute news stories on the first day of the training,” said Mr Sadykov. “We discussed what had worked out and what could be improved. We also reviewed the journalist’s work, their text and the camera work.

“We also practiced live seven-minute interviews and produced three minute mojo videos,” he said.

Mr Sadykov said participants valued the Q&A session on news production and the opportunity to share ideas.

A story on the training was broadcast by MTRK 24.