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Reality TV show about Vietnamese in Korea launched

(Photo: Jun Vu and Hai Nam – VOV)

Vietnam national broadcaster VTV has begun airing a reality TV show detailing the lives of Vietnamese people living in the Republic of Korea.

The show tells the story of the lives of four men and four women, all either Vietnamese and Korean nationals, who stay together in a house called ‘Romance House’ for five days and four nights, VOV reports.

As they take part in joint activities, each person’s personality is gradually revealed, with emotional changes guaranteed and the audience guessing who will leave the house as a couple in the end.

The show has been jointly organised by VTV subsidiary VTVcab and JYN International of Korea.

Two directors of the show, Yang Jeong Pil and Kim Tae Chul from Korea, are famous for producing leading entertainment programmes in Korea such as Star King, Same Bed, Different Dream, Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant and Taxi.

Vietnamese actor/model Jun Vu and model/singer Hai Nam are the show’s emcees.

The first 10 episodes of the programme are being broadcast every Saturday on VTV3 from February 18, with the show being replayed on ON Music channel of the VTVcab system.