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China Media Group promotes coffee consumption

(Photo: CGTN – screenshot)

China Media Group has launched a three-month-long activity in Shanghai to promote coffee consumption and the development of the coffee industry.

Called ‘Coffee Together’, the activity was launched on 21 February by China Media Group’s Shanghai Bureau, CGTN and CMG’s 5G new media platform Yangshipin.

CGTN reports that Shanghai has almost 8,000 coffee shops, more than any other city in the world.

“Cafes are located on every corner of the city, connecting people’s lives and serving as an indicator of the city’s economic development,” it says in a TV news report.

Coffee shops and other beverage stores in China were severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But after the country passed its COVID peak last December, the numbers of customers to coffee shops quickly bounced back, and the industry has high hopes for this year.

‘Coffee Together’ will feature a series of activities aimed at finding new possibilities for coffee consumption and promoting the coffee industry’s growth.

See a CGTN report on ‘Coffee Today’ here.