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Malaysian government to tackle fake news on social media

(Photo: Bernama)

The Malaysian government says it will focus on addressing the problem of fake news and misinformation on social media following an increase in reported cases this year.

The Deputy Minister Ministry of Communications and Digital, Teo Nie Ching, said 35 cases had been investigated under the law in January alone compared to 48 throughout last year, Bernama news agency reports.

“How to control fake news and hate speech is going to be (the ministry’s) focus,” she said during a visit to Ipoh. “We will look into this to ensure social stability and harmony.”

She said that just as Radio Television Malaysia and the Information Ministry were responsible for ensuring the information they disseminated was accurate, her ministry would work with social media platform providers to help take down contents that were inaccurate.

“When we come across fake news or hate speech, we will inform the social media providers and seek their cooperation not to allow the content to go viral.

“Most importantly, hate speech should not be given a platform or opportunity in social media because it will be a threat to national security,” she said.