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SBS Australia puts all its audio services in one place

(Photo: SBS)

SBS Australia has placed all its audio services together under a new SBS Audio brand.

The move means that audiences receive SBS’s full audio offering in one unified digital experience – a one-stop shop for free audio.

Improvements include better showcasing of podcasts, individual station pages and music search features.

“Every week we broadcast more than 262 hours of original audio content,” said David Hua, SBS Director of Audio and Language Content.

“The new SBS Audio digital experience across the app and website will further drive growth in a space where we are already seeing more than six million streams and podcast downloads every month.”

With more than 5.6 million Australians using a language other than English at home, SBS Audio provides content for diverse communities, including in English and for those learning a new language.

Its SBS Radio 1, SBS Radio 2 and SBS Radio 3 channels broadcast news, information and entertainment in over 60 languages.

Visit SBS Audio at