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KBS celebrates 50 years as a public broadcaster

(Photo: KBS)

Korea’s national broadcaster, KBS, has celebrated 50 years as a public broadcaster.

KBS began a television service in the early 1960s and opened the era of public broadcasting on 3 March 1973 after the enactment of the Broadcasting Act in 1972.

An event titled ‘Your KBS, 50 Years of Serving the Nation’ took place at KBS headquarters in Seoul on 2 March.

Speaking at the event, KBS’s President and CEO, Kim Eui-chul, expressed his ambition to transform KBS into a global public service media group.

“During the history of 50 years, KBS has developed as part of the history of Korea, sharing laughter and tears with the nation,” he said.

Mr Kim, who is also ABU Acting President, said KBS still faced significant challenges in 2023, including a TV licence fee unchanged for 40 years and ongoing controversy over the complete independence of public service media.

“Nevertheless, KBS dreams of a better future in the next 50 years. We are planning to bring various changes and innovations in order to transform into a powerful public media group. We would like to move forward to serve as a global public media.

“We shall prove the distinctive values of public media with accurate, in-depth information and creative, outstanding content.

“We are absolutely committed to public service missions. And we shall fulfill our responsibilities through a transparent and public funded income structure.”