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WBU urges adoption of new WIPO Broadcasting Treaty

The World Broadcasting Unions, representing broadcasting organisations from all regions, is united on a statement to be presented to WIPO’s 43rd Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR/43).

The statement reads as follows:

The protection of broadcast signals has been under discussion at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) since 1997 following updating of the protections of other rights owners by WIPO treaties in 1996. Protection of broadcast signals granted by the Rome Convention of 1961 is obsolete in the continuously developing digital communications environment.

WBU Members agree that the Second Revised Draft Text for the WIPO Broadcasting Organization Treaty (SCCR/43/3) generally reflects their objectives for updated international protection of broadcast signals, and covers the necessary elements to further protection of broadcasting organizations globally. Broadcasting organizations worldwide urge WIPO Member States to support it as the basis for final work to recommend a Diplomatic Conference to adopt a treaty.

Specifically, the WBU requests that the SCCR:

  • Finalizes a draft treaty text suitable to become a Basic Proposal for a Diplomatic Conference at SCCR/43.
  • Recommends to the 2023 WIPO General Assembly to convene a Diplomatic Conference in 2024 for adoption of a WIPO Broadcasting Treaty (WBT).

The WBU looks forward to continuing to work with the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights on the WIPO Broadcasting Treaty and would be pleased to lend its assistance and expertise as broadcasters to support the Committee.

See the WBU statement here.