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Australia’s ABC and Timor-Leste’s RTTL sign agreement

Australia’s ABC has signed a historic agreement with Timor-Leste’s national broadcaster RTTL to increase content sharing and media development programmes.

As part of the agreement, ABC International Services will work with RTTL to help it establish a news service for its new English-speaking channel.

The ABC will also share content from its newsrooms and work with RTTL staff to enhance their journalism and content making skills.

The memorandum of understanding recognises both organisations’ importance as cultural institutions and custodians of media archives, as well as the vital role they play in connecting and informing audiences and contributing to democracy.

The MoU builds on an existing strong relationship between the ABC and RTTL.

ABC Radio Australia has been available to Timorese audiences via FM radio for many years.

More recently, ABC International Services entered a content sharing agreement for the distribution of ABC Australia and ABC Education content on RTTL digital platforms. This agreement was announced as part of RTTL’s 20th anniversary celebrations in 2022.

ABC Managing Director David Anderson said: “The ABC is committed to working with RTTL, and the people of Timor-Leste, and to learning from each other as both organisations seek to better serve our audiences.”

RTTL President José Antonio Belo said: “This is an important moment for RTTL and ABC to cement the historic relationship and express our shared values.

“RTTL is happy to build on the spirit of friendship and collaboration and, in particular, to learn from ABC as we establish our English news service and channel.”