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Sustainability ‘unites all broadcasters’

Sustainability is one thing that unites all broadcasters, Marinella Soldi, President of Italy’s public broadcaster RAI, has told the ABU-Rai Days conference in  Florence.

The two-day conference, hosted by RAI, opened on 13 February. It brings together senior broadcasters from Asia, Europe and elsewhere.

“ABU Rai Days fosters dialogue between different cultures and regions,” Ms Soldi said.

“Even though we may seem different one thing unites us all, the topic of this conference – sustainability. The sustainability of our media organisations and the sustainability of the planet.”

“At RAI we are trying to build our sustainability strategy around environmental, social and governance.”

The ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, said the conference would give broadcasters the opportunity to talk together to find solutions to common problems.

“There is a growing economic and digital divide,” he said. “There are natural and man-made disasters facing us. Public service media must serve the public and help societies solve these challenges.”

The Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, spoke of his pride that his city had been chosen for the conference.

“It is important for our broadcasters to concern themselves with climate because this is about our future. Raising awareness in every citizen is crucial.”