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Call for deeper China-Russia media cooperation

The President of China Media Group has called for a deepening of the cooperation between media organisations in China and Russia.

Shen Haixiong was speaking in Moscow on 20 March at the launch of a Russian-language edition of the series ‘Classics Quoted by Xi Jinping’ on major Russian TV networks, the China Daily reports.

The launch coincided with a visit to Russia by the Chinese President.

“China and Russia have close cultural ties. The series will help Russian audiences better understand Xi’s governance philosophy and feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture,” Mr Shen said.

Oleg Dobrodeev, head of the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, described the airing of the series as a continuation of the high-level cooperation between his company and China Media Group.

He said the two sides had fostered a strong friendship through mutual trust and close cooperation in areas such as co-production of documentaries and news reporting, and he believed the prospects of future cooperation were unlimited.

The series is being aired on the state-owned Russia-24 news channel and will also be available on its news media platforms and other local media outlets.