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Australia’s SBS launches Ramadan podcast

(Poster: SBS)

Australia public broadcaster SBS has launched a new podcast to celebrate Ramadan featuring well-known Muslim-Australians and compelling stories of fasting, food and family.

A deep exploration of both the joyous and the complex, My Ramadan discusses fasting in the workplace, Iftar traditions (the fast-breaking evening meal), mixed-culture families, spirituality, reconciling the hipsterfication of Ramadan and Islamophobia, and how the month connects with belonging and identity for Gen Z.

Hosted and executive produced by Walkley Award winning journalist and SBS presenter Sarah Malik, the five-episode series is a deep dive into life during Ramadan that’s more than just the ‘A to Z of fasting’.

“It is my joy and delight to share a project close to my heart, a podcast made by and for Muslims and the wider Australian community,” Ms Malik said.

SBS Podcast and Digital Audio Manager Caroline Gates said it was an important commission for SBS Audio.

“We hope this series provides a unique insight into how the global tradition of Ramadan and Eid is experienced in modern, multicultural Australia,” she said.

The first episode of My Ramadan is available now on the SBS Audio app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast platforms.