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MBC’s Fantasy Boys to be streamed across Asia

(Photo: MBC)

Korean broadcaster MBC has announced that its upcoming audition programme ‘Fantasy Boys,’ set to premiere on 30 March, will also be available in 12 different Asian countries via video streaming platforms.

While the platform Abema will stream ‘Fantasy Boys’ in Japan, viewers in many Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, will be able to watch the show through Chinese streamer iQiyi. In Korea, it will be streamed on Naver’s streaming service Naver NOW.

More than 1,000 people from across the globe applied to take part in the audition programme, The Korea Herald reports.

Viewers will be able to see 54 trainees flaunt their skills as singers, dancers and rappers to vie for the final prize – debuting in a K-pop boy band.

The show was originally scheduled to start on 23 March but was postponed for a week to allow for simultaneous releases on Naver’s streaming service Naver NOW and Abema.

Viewers can vote for their favorite trainees at the show’s official websites on Naver Now and Idol Plus, a site specialising in content created by K-pop idols.