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Lee Se-young to star in new MBC series

Popular Korean actress Lee Se-young is to star in an MBC fantasy romance series, ’The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’, scheduled to air later this year.

In 2021 she starred in another MBC series, the historical romance ‘The Red Sleeve’ (pictured), leading the series to success, The Korea Times reports.

In the new series, based on a webcomic, she plays Park Yeon-yoo, a young woman from the 19th century, who time-travels to the present.

While she juggles living in modern times and trying to find ways to get back to her previous life, she meets a man who looks exactly like her late husband and even has the same name.

“Lee has excellent acting skills and is the perfect actor to play the character of Park, who crosses time from historic to modern in ‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,'” MBC said. “Please look out for this exciting fantasy comedy series and Lee’s acting.”

In 2022, Lee starred in the award-winning KBS romance drama ‘Law Café’.