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ABU News launches training videos

Training videos on mojo and climate reporting are now available to all ABU members on the ABU YouTube Channel.

The videos allow journalists and producers to get information quickly and conveniently, and to stop and re-watch as often as they wish.

ABU Director of News Deborah Steele says the videos are based on feedback from members and draw on a range of studies and reports.

“We have synthesised the information to a listicle format, to make the videos engaging and practical. They give users a solid foundation on each topic in less than three minutes and are suitable for sharing.

“They are also platform agnostic, so whether you work on digital platforms, television or radio, the videos provide helpful tips and reminders.”

The videos were produced and edited by senior news producer Nhishaeni Parmanadan.

ABU News plans to produce more videos in the coming months. Members are invited to nominate topics.