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Ahmed Nadeem begins tenure as ABU Secretary-General

ABU’s new Secretary-General, Ahmed Nadeem, has outlined his vision for the future of the world’s biggest broadcasting union at his maiden address to members and partners. In a video message, Nadeem emphasized the need for ABU to embrace change and think outside the box in order to remain relevant in the ever-evolving world of broadcasting.

Nadeem acknowledged the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the broadcasting industry and how it changed the way we work and consume content. However, he also noted that the pandemic accelerated the adoption of new technologies that we are now enjoying today.

The new Secretary-General also stressed the importance of collaboration and sustainability in the post-pandemic era. According to Nadeem, broadcasters need to focus on these areas in their future plans and strategies in order to ensure business continuity and meet the expectations of their audiences who seek to consume content on their choice of device and at their convenience.

He also highlighted the growing concern with regards to the effects of climate change, which is now considered one of the biggest threats to humanity. He emphasized the role of media in educating and informing the public of these realities.

He concluded his speech by expressing his confidence in the diverse team at the ABU Secretariat and their commitment to supporting members. He pledged to work together with members to ensure that ABU remains at the forefront of the broadcasting industry.

Nadeem, who is from the Maldives, served as Director, ABU Technology & Innovation prior to his appointment as Secretary-General. An experienced electronic and ICT engineer, he has over 25 years of experience in the field of broadcasting and telecommunications. He has been working in the ABU Technology Department since 2008 and was appointed Director in May 2018.