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Maldives to host workshop on investigative reporting

UNESCO is funding an ABU News workshop on Safe and Effective investigative reporting of environmental crimes.

The workshop in the Maldives on May 11 will follow the ABU Media Summit on Climate Action and Disaster Prevention on May 9-10.

Speakers at the workshop include Indian investigative journalist Ishan Kukreti (pictured), PTV Pakistan anchor Omar Khalid Butt and Suranga Jayalath – a lawyer who is on the Board of Directors of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited in Sri Lanka.

The environmental crimes to be discussed include illegal logging, fishing, development and wildlife trafficking, as well as corruption and misappropriation.

Participants will include journalists from the Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Fiji, Vanuatu and the Philippines.

The theme for the ABU Media Summit is From Atolls to Alps and Arid Places: Communicating the Climate Change Challenge. It includes sessions on sustainable tourism, as well as case studies on how the media can help empower people to reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

An ABU News video on 8 tips for Climate Reporting is available on the ABU YouTube channel.