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115th ABU Administrative Council Meeting

The 115th ABU Administrative Council meeting was held today on 28th April in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Türkiye. In his opening remarks the ABU Acting President Mr Kim Eui-chul expressed great satisfaction with the work of the ABU Secretariat in leading the Union through the multitude of changes in the broadcast media, brought on by the proliferation of delivery platforms as well as increased competition.

The newly appointed ABU Secretary-General Mr Ahmed Nadeem briefed the councillors about the changes being implemented both in the Secretariat and for improving the engagement with the members.

The meeting supported the direction in which the Union is heading, putting members at the heart of all its activities. Mr Nadeem pointed out that member involvement is the key ingredient for the success of the Union and that the Secretariat will continue to work tirelessly to make members part of decision making and implementation of projects.

The meeting was being held in hybrid mode. The majority of ABU Councillors attended the meeting in person and some joined online. Therefore, facilitating the meeting to such high standard contributed immensely to its efficiency and fruitfulness as the 115th ACM was dealing with issues of critical importance to the future of the Union.

The Administrative Council is the ABU’s ‘board of directors.’  It comprises 18 Councillors who are elected by the members at the ABU Annual General Assembly, for a three-year term. The council meets twice yearly to decide on policy matters, to review the Union’s finances and consider current issues facing the ABU.