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ABU Academy begins visual effects course

The ABU Media Academy has begun a visual effects course with renowned editor and filmmaker Alexander Lopera on Wednesday 3 May 2023. The three-part course is designed for experienced editors who are looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of visual effects.

The first session on May 3rd covered the essentials of VFX in Premiere Pro, including rendering and creating audio and video previews, using the effects control panel and the default values, and the efficient use of effects in the timeline. Participants were also introduced to keyframes and how to use them effectively.

In the second session on May 10th, participants will learn how to work with speed variance in Premiere Pro, how to use the effects control panel and the timeline for speed effects, and the different speed blend options. The session will also cover pan and scan techniques for frames with differing aspect ratios, which is important when working with varying deliverables.

The final session on May 17th will focus on chroma key and green screen, covering the basics of lighting, keying and ultra-key in Premiere Pro, and the best approach for handling green screen problems. Participants will also learn about color correction and masking on the subject, as well as refining the key.

Course leader Alexander Lopera brings a wealth of editing experience to the table, having worked on a variety of video production projects including broadcast news, drama, comedy, film, short film, television, feature documentary and online content. He has worked on direct commissions from companies like Google and Channel 4 for original content. In addition, Alexander occasionally teaches editing and post-production at various institutions, including The Metropolitan Film School, The London Film Academy, and Ravensbourne, and is a Fellow in Professional Academic Practice.