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ABU Secretary General holds key meetings in Türkiye

ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem and ABU Acting President, President and CEO of KBS – Korea, Mr Kim Eui-chul held a meeting on the future of the Union, changes within the Secretariat and improving member engagement, on the sidelines of the ABU Administrative Council Meeting in Istanbul, Türkiye.

The discussion included addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by broadcasters in the rapidly changing media landscape, promoting the use of new technologies amongst others. They also discussed on the arrangements and details related to the upcoming 60th ABU General Assembly meeting which will be hosted by KBS in Seoul later this year.

The meeting also emphasized the need to strengthen partnerships with other regional and international organizations to enhance cooperation and collaboration among broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific region.

Both parties agreed that ABU has to strengthen its role in representing the interests of broadcasters in the region, facilitate the exchange of news and programming, and provide technical assistance and training to small members.

ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem also met with Dr YAN Chengsheng, Vice President of ABU and the Director-General of the International Cooperation Department of RTPRC-China.

The meeting also included discussions on the future of the Union, addressing current challenges by broadcasters and how RTPRC could support members.

RTPRC is planning to launch and collaborate in projects like the Street Dance Contest for Asia-Pacific region and provide international capacity-building and training opportunities for members through ABU. They proposed two training programs to cooperate with ABU, which include short-term seminars organized by the Research and Training Institute (RTI) of the National Radio and Television Administration and a Master’s degree program at the Communication University of China, both these programmes are taught in English. The ABU secretariat is currently working to finalise the details for these programmes and soon members will be able to participate and benefit from them.