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ABU Sports provide support for 32nd SEA Games 2023 coverage

ABU Sports is providing support and media consultation for ABU members covering the 23rd SEA Games 2023. ABU members stationed at the International Broadcast Centre are engaged in unilateral production to transmit live feeds to their respective countries.

Mediacorp Singapore has a team of 38 crew members focused on unilateral production for Singaporean audiences.TVRI Indonesia has brought a crew of 40 members, dividing them into coverage and production teams. They are responsible for broadcasting matches at the SEA Games and producing programs such as “Journal SEA Games” and “Sport Flash” to capture the golden moments from the arena.

VTV Vietnam has 36 team members, with some stationed at the IBC and others at the venues. They utilize a mix of time slots on VTV5 and VTV5-Highland for their coverage, while also employing remote ENG production technology and advanced transmission equipment.

RTM Malaysia has 17 crew members, including technical and production teams. They provide live coverage of events, including football matches involving the Malaysian team, as well as news highlights and the show “Selamat Pagi Malaysia.”

TVK Cambodia has 15 crew members at the IBC, along with additional production teams at various venues. They collaborate with the Ministry of Information (MOI) to cover several sports venues.

These ABU members at the IBC are essential in delivering comprehensive coverage of the sports event to viewers in their respective countries, ensuring that audiences can enjoy the excitement and thrill of the games from their homes