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Winners of ABU Together for Peace Awards 2023 announced

The second edition of the ABU Together for Peace Awards was celebrated on Wednesday, 10 May in Maldives, with ten winners selected from television, radio, and digital platforms. The ABU Awards aim to promote a positive state of peace, including coexistence with nature and diversity, and the creation of just societies. This year, 105 applications were received from 27 countries across five continents, making it a pioneering competition for programmes that inspire and promote peace.

Renowned experts from around the world judged the applications in two rigorous rounds of online and in-person judging. The winners, who received a trophy, certificate, and cash prize, were chosen from three themes: Transformative Education, Living Well with Superdiversity, and Ethical & Sustainable Relationship with Nature.

The ABU Together for Peace Awards recognizes outstanding programmes that inspire and promote peace, and the winners this year have certainly demonstrated that. Congratulations to all the winners and appreciation to all the applicants for their hard work and dedication to creating a more peaceful and just world.

Here is the full list of winners and finalists:

Transformative Education, Digital:

  • Thank you, Miss Deng! Malanhua Children’s Choir Sings at Beijing Winter Olympic Games | CMG-CCTV, China
  • Downgrading of Giant Pandas and “New Move” of Protection Area| SRTS-China
  • Land of the Extinct: how does the local city collapse? | KBS Korea (WINNER)

Transformative Education, Radio:

  • Zhang Jiaxin: The man who shepherds seniors into the digital universe / CGTN, China
  • Carpenter girls | Gilan Radio, IRIB Radio Department for Provinces, Iran (WINNER)
  • 2 minutes to save the Earth / Traffic Broadcasting Network / Korea

Transformative Education, TV:

  • Seeing touch – I saw the world| KBS, Korea
  • Afghanistan’s loud mute voices |RT, Russia
  • The School That Tried to End Racism | ABC, Australia (WINNER)

Living Well with Superdiversity, Digital:

  • Sea of Sound | CMG-CRI, China
  • Multicultural Society in Bangkok | Thai PBS, Thailand
  • How Berlin became a hub for trans people | DW, Germany (WINNER)
  • The Muralist | Voice of America, USA

Living Well with Superdiversity, Radio:

  • Enlightened by Music: 44 Visually Impaired Children and Their World Journey / CMG-CRI, China (WINNER)
  • LANGHOLZFELD / Radio Romania, Romania  (WINNER)
  • Sistas Let’s Talk / ABC, Australia

Living Well with Superdiversity, TV:

  • Watch Me! – A Decade of Deaf-defying Dance |KBS, Korea (WINNER)
  • You jump, I will catch you| MTVA, Hungary
  • The Show with the Elephant: Diversity | WDR, Germany

Ethical & Sustainable Relationship with Nature , Digital

  • We and the earth | CMG-CRI, China
  • Finding Australia’s Favourite | ABC, Australia (special commendation)
  • Planet A – Can Brazil save the Amazon this time? | DW, Germany (WINNER)

Ethical & Sustainable Relationship with Nature , Radio:

  • Chief Shen and His Zoo / CMG-CNR, China (WINNER)
  • The scariest sound/ Ghasem Lotfie/Individual Producer/Iran (special commendation)
  • Going Home / Sichuan TV and Radio, China

Ethical & Sustainable Relationship with Nature , TV:

  • China: Nature’s Ancient Kingdom ep02 Central: A Balancing Act | CMG-CCTV, China
  • The Recycling Myth | a & o buero filmproduktion, Germany (special commendation)
  • How is climate change affecting young Africans today? | The 77 Percent Show | DW, Germany (WINNER)