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ABU News conducts training on Safe and effective Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crimes

The importance of collecting evidence, checking sources and mitigating legal and safety risks were discussed at an ABU/UNESCO workshop on Safe and effective Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crimes.

The one-day workshop at PSM in the Maldives was attended by 27 participants from countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tanzania, Fiji, Thailand, Lebanon, Indonesia, China (Hong Kong) and Jamaica.

Speakers included Rajneesh Bhandari, founder and CEO of the Nepal Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network; award winning environment journalist Ishan Kukreti from India; Suranga Javalath, Group Director Legal at the Capital Maharaja  Group in Sri Lanka;  the writer, producer and director of the award winning film ‘Delikado’, Karl Malakunas: and Biena Magbitang, head of digital strategy at ABS-CBN in the Philippines & Director of Climate Tracker, an international nonprofit organisation that supports and promotes climate journalism. 

Participants were encouraged to consider using the encryption app Signal, to select and carefully scope stories relevant to local communities, to be mindful of the relevant legal framework and to always remember: “If you can’t prove it, don’t say it.”