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ABU Technology’s Member Innovations series explores immersive video Innovations

The May edition of ABU Technology’s Webinar Series on Member Innovations will focus on Immersive Video in China.

The series provides a platform for members to share their stories, case studies, and advancements in broadcasting. The next webinar session will be streamed live on May 24th, 2023.

The session focusing on Immersive Video in China and will be delivered by Ouyang Yue, a Senior Engineer at the Radio, Film & TV Design and Research Institute in China.

She will discuss different technical areas such as the concept of 5G high-tech video and immersive video, key technologies & end-to-end solutions of immersive video. Online participants will also hear use cases and application scenarios.

Since October 2021, ABU Technology has been organizing a highly successful webinar series on member innovations. Previous episodes of the series have received huge attendance with over 100 attendees on average.