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Indigenous Australian journalist steps away from media following hateful abuse

(Photo: Stan Grant makes statement before stemming away as Q+A host – ABC Australia)

In a poignant and emotional final appearance on the popular program Q+A, host Stan Grant announced his departure from the show, citing the need to prioritize his mental well-being amidst a barrage of abusive messages.

Grant, an Indigenous Australian journalist, addressed his abusers directly, acknowledging the toll their hateful words had taken on him and his family. Grant clarified that he intended to return after taking a break to recover, emphasizing his determination to rise above the negativity he has endured.

Last week, Grant publicly criticized the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), which produces Q+A, accusing it of “institutional failure” for not publicly defending him in the face of racist abuse.

The journalist expressed his dissatisfaction with the media as a whole, stating, “I need a break from the media. I feel like I’m part of the problem and I need to ask myself how, or if, we can do it better.”

In response to Grant’s departure and the racism he faced, ABC Managing Director David Anderson issued an apology, acknowledging that the organization had not adequately supported Grant. The ABC further condemned the abusive treatment Grant endured and emphasized their commitment to referring any threats to the authorities.

Grant’s decision to step away from the media shines a spotlight on the urgent need to address the issue of online abuse and the toll it takes on individuals, particularly those from marginalized communities.