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CMG China and KBS South Korea win at ABU’s IPLC Awards

China Media Group emerged as the winner of ABU’s IPLC Awards, with Korean Broadcasting Systems (KBS) securing the position of first runner-up. The announcement of the winners took place on May 29th during the formal dinner hosted by the Capital Maharaja Group, the organizer of this year’s ABU Intellectual Property & Legal Committee (IPLC) meeting.

The Chairperson of the IPLC, Suranga B.M. Jayalath, revealed the winner of the IPLC Awards. He highlighted that the selection was made by an independent panel of judges comprising professionals from a law firm, the private sector, and academic experts.

The IPLC Awards were introduced during the ABU General Assembly in Tokyo in 2019, aligning with the theme of “Building Respect For IP” for that year’s IPLC. These awards aim to demonstrate how the theoretical foundations of IP law can bring about revolutionary changes within ABU member organizations through innovative and practical methodologies.

The scope of the awards is broad, encouraging nominations from various legal areas as long as they are connected to media and broadcasting. Some examples include updates to employment laws, rules, and regulations, the introduction of methods or technologies to combat broadcast/signal piracy or copyright infringement, capacity-building initiatives, and more. The awards seek to recognize initiatives that demonstrate the effective implementation of IP-related concepts.

The IPLC Awards have become a highly anticipated component of the IPLC, acknowledging the exceptional contributions and advancements made by ABU members in the realm of intellectual property and legal matters. By recognizing and sharing these success stories, the ABU aims to inspire other members and foster a culture of innovation and excellence within the broadcasting industry.