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Secretary-General meets with ABU members in Sri Lanka

ABU Secretary-General, Ahmed Nadeem, held productive meetings with ABU members in Sri Lanka during the sidelines of the 29th ABU Intellectual Property & Legal Committee (IPLC) held on May 29th and 30th in Colombo.

In separate meetings, Secretary-General Nadeem had the opportunity to engage with key figures in Sri Lanka’s broadcasting industry. He met with W.B. Ganegala, Chairman of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC), along with senior management from SLRC. Additionally, he held discussions with Madhawa Madawala, Executive Director and COO of Power House Limited (TV Derana), as well as Sudarshana Gunawardana, Chairman, and W.P.A.M. Wijesinghe, General Manager of Independent Television Network Limited (ITN).

The focus of these meetings was to explore ways of enhancing cooperation between the ABU and its Sri Lankan members. Secretary-General Nadeem and the representatives from SLRC, TV Derana, and ITN discussed various avenues for collaboration and how the ABU can provide support in light of the challenging economic situation faced by the country.

The discussions touched upon areas such as content exchange, technical expertise sharing, and capacity-building initiatives. Secretary-General Nadeem emphasized the ABU’s commitment to fostering partnerships that benefit all its members, particularly in challenging times.

Sri Lanka’s broadcasting industry holds immense potential, and the ABU aims to facilitate the growth and development of its members in the country. By leveraging the ABU’s extensive network, resources, and expertise, these meetings paved the way for future collaborations that will contribute to the advancement of Sri Lanka’s media landscape.