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ABC unveils five-year plan to ensure relevance and trustworthiness in digital era

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has revealed its Five-Year Plan, aiming to secure its position as the most trusted media organization in the country while adapting to evolving audience behaviour and technological advancements.

ABC Managing Director David Anderson emphasized the importance of meeting changing audience needs while upholding the ABC’s commitment to quality, relevance, independence, and trust.

Looking ahead, Anderson stated, “By 2028, the ABC will serve more Australians on the platform of their choice with made-for-digital content and journalism on ABC News, ABC iview, ABC listen, and on major third-party platforms.”

“As Australia changes, so must the ABC,” Anderson said. “This means changing to meet the needs of our audiences wherever they live. We will continue to serve all Australians, contribute to our national identity, and remain an essential part of daily life.”

While the core mission of the ABC remains unchanged, the organization recognizes the need to adapt and evolve in response to technology, changing audience behaviour, and demographics.

The Five-Year Plan signifies a significant transition for the ABC as it moves from maintaining traditional broadcast and digital processes toward becoming an integrated digital operation, ready to cater to a digital-majority audience.

During the next five years, the ABC will focus on enhancing its primary digital products, including ABC News, ABC iview, and ABC listen. The aim is to provide a seamless and personalized service that enables audiences to easily discover relevant content.