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WBU/UNDRR Media Saving Lives roll-out in the Arab region

The roll-out of the WBU/UNDRR Media Saving Lives initiative in the Arab region was marked by three impactful workshops conducted in Jordan, Lebanon, and Abu Dhabi. These workshops aimed to raise awareness about the crucial role of media in early warnings, climate change adaptation and mitigation, while also introducing the Media Saving Lives initiative to the Arab world.

Led by the experienced facilitators, Hanene Zbiss and Muhamad Kurdi, the workshops were conducted in Arabic language and organized in collaboration with our sister union ASBU, as well as new and existing local partners.

Drawing participation from nearly 50 media professionals representing 10 organizations, along with representatives from National Disaster Management Authorities and Meteorological Services, the workshops addressed the region’s unique challenges and opportunities in Early Warnings, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), and Climate Action.

The Jordan Media Institute hosted a two-day workshop titled “Capacity Building on Climate Change and Disaster Reduction for Media Professionals and Government Institutions” from 23rd to 24th May 2023 at their center in Amman. This workshop brought together 14 senior journalists and representatives from National Disaster Management authorities and Meteorological Services.

Discussions centered around natural hazards in Jordan, the arrangement of national Early Warning systems, and the need to improve coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders. Furthermore, the workshop aimed to enhance the capacity of media professionals in educating their audiences about climate change adaptation and mitigation.

On 26th May 2023, the Lebanese Ministry of Information hosted a workshop titled “The Role of Media in Disaster Prevention and Climate Action.” Senior Editors from Radio Leban and the Lebanese News Agency participated in this capacity-building event. The workshop commenced with an opening address by Ziad Makary, the Minister of Information, who emphasized the importance of accurate information and public education in light of Lebanon’s multiple natural and man-made disasters. Over 20 journalists engaged in discussions on how to improve their reporting and become more proactive in educating their audiences.

In Abu Dhabi, UAE, a regional workshop titled “Disaster Risk Reduction and Media Climate Action” took place on 30th and 31st May 2023. This workshop specifically focused on the role of media in climate change adaptation, as the United Arab Emirates is set to host the Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai in November.

The event received support from ARISE–Resilience Hub, THINKPROP, and UNDRR Cairo Office. More than 20 representatives from media organizations, UN agencies, and UAE disaster management agencies participated in discussions concerning the preparations for COP28 and the increased role of communication and media in advancing climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. ABU and UNDRR Cairo Office are currently planning a second regional workshop in October 2023 to further prepare for COP28.

The successful roll-out of these workshops has laid a solid foundation for continued collaboration and engagement between media professionals, government institutions, and stakeholders in the Arab region. By strengthening the capacity of media professionals and promoting the role of media in disaster risk reduction and climate action, we are actively contributing to building resilient communities and ensuring a sustainable future.