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ABC announces next steps in digital transition

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has unveiled a series of cost-saving measures and reinvestment initiatives to facilitate its transition to a digital-first media organization.

These actions align with the recently released ABC Five-Year Plan 2023-2028, aimed at adapting to changing technology and audience behavior while maintaining trust as Australia’s top media organization.

ABC Managing Director David Anderson stated that careful decisions on reinvestment and savings were necessary following content team reorganization and the new strategy release. Rising costs and the need for increased investment in digital transformation were acknowledged.

The ABC aims to become an essential part of everyday life for Australians, leveraging the ongoing shift from broadcast to digital platforms. By 2028, a digital-first approach will dominate, with personalized services and improved digital products such as ABC iview and ABC News.

To achieve these goals, the ABC plans to realign resources, invest in new skills, and introduce new roles. Approximately 120 employees may potentially leave the organization.

The ABC emphasizes enhancing the audience experience on digital platforms and promoting its digital output. These changes are essential for the ABC’s long-term success and to remain relevant in an era of rapid technological change.