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ABU SG Meets KBS President and KBS ABU GA2023 Project Team

ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem met with KBS President Kim Eui-chul and the KBS ABU GA2023 Project team to discuss the preparations for the ABU GA in Seoul.

SG Nadeem along with the ABU secretariat team held talks with KBS President and ABU Acting President Kim Eui-chul to discuss the progress of the preparations for the 2023 ABU General Assembly and associated meetings. They also met with the KBS project team, which is responsible for organizing ABU’s premier event.

During the meeting, the team briefed the Secretary-General on the plans, arrangements, and various logistical and production details for the upcoming event.

The ABU GA2023 and associated meetings, including the ABU Song Festival and ABU Prizes, will be held in Seoul, South Korea, from October 28 to November 1.