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BBC launches Journalism Climate Commitment at News Xchange

(Photo: EBU/ News Xchange)

The BBC launched a Journalism Climate Commitment in a bid to ensure it provides the ‘whole story of climate change’ to its audiences.

The climate change pledge, which was announced at the EBU’s News Xchange conference in Dublin by the BBC’s Nisha Kapur, commits BBC journalists to provide impartial information and ‘hold power to account’. It is designed to “inspire change through its stories and finally look at the wider impact of environmental issues throughout their news and current affairs coverage.”

As part of the commitment, the BBC said it will provide appropriate ongoing science-based training to its journalists and ‘agree to share appropriate knowledge and information across its organisations.’

Kapur said it was inviting other public service broadcasters who are members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to join in the commitment and that in future it hopes other news organisations around the world will sign up to it.