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Thai PBS receives award for universal-designed website, promoting inclusive access for all

Thai PBS has been honoured with the award for “Best Universal-Designed Website” in 2023. The recognition certifies Thai PBS as one of the 50 organizations in Thailand that have successfully created a universally accessible website based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) and the Office of National Digital Economy and Society (ONDE) presented the award to motivate and raise awareness among public and private sectors about the importance of accessible websites. The certification process involved compliance with the 13 features of a universally accessible website, including testing and inspection by individuals with disabilities.

Mr. Anupong Chaiyariti, Thai PBS Deputy Director General overseeing Broadcasting Technology, accepted the award and highlighted the significance of convenient access to information, knowledge, and services through digital platforms. He acknowledged the challenges faced by visually impaired, partially blind, and deaf individuals in accessing digital content, perpetuating inequality and hindering their ability to stay informed.

Thai PBS is dedicated to overcoming barriers and promoting equal access and utilization of technology for people with disabilities. The organization prioritizes the development of a website that adheres to the WCAG standards, ensuring access for the elderly, people with disabilities, and marginalized communities.

Mr. Anupong emphasized Thai PBS’s commitment to being a trustworthy media outlet that provides impartial and credible information. The organization serves as a platform for societal issue resolution and offers accessible knowledge, information, and edutainment for all. Thai PBS aims to develop an inclusive and universally accessible website while also innovating content and technology to cater to vulnerable audiences.