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“What Comes Next? Original Question for Sustainability”: ABU GA2023 theme unveiled

The theme and branding for the 2023 ABU General Assembly and associated meetings have been revealed, as Korean Broadcasting Systems (KBS) prepares to host this flagship event.

Theme “What Comes Next? Original question for Sustainability” was unveiled during a recent visit by ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem and the ABU secretariat team to KBS, where SG Nadeem held discussions with KBS President Kim Eui-chul and the KBS ABU GA2023 Project team to coordinate preparations for the ABU GA in Seoul.

The theme for the ABU GA2023 is intended to highlight the significant changes taking place within the broadcasting landscape in the post-pandemic era. The need to address them, to be proactive and move with the changes within the industry.

The ABU GA2023, which includes the ABU Song Festival and ABU Prizes, will take place in Seoul, South Korea, from October 28 to November 1.