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ABU News Group adopts updated Asiavision Rules

Asiavision members have adopted updated rules at the closed session of the 2023 News Group Meeting in Kuching, Malaysia.

Representatives from 20 Asiavision members approved the revised Asiavision Rules on 10 July, 2023.

The rules for the ABU’s video news exchange are designed for Asiavision coordinators and producers, and their managers. They explain  obligations and responsibilities when uploading and downloading Asiavision content. They highlight the importance of not changing the editorial meaning of stories and encourage the use of AVN content on digital platforms, including websites and social media platforms.

The News Group Meeting also included the presentation of the new AVN platform – APV. Six members agreed to take part in the next stage of testing, from 1 August.

Other discussions at the meeting included increasing ready to broadcast content and enhancing protocols for live-crosses and ready to air-reporter packages.

The closed session of the News Group Meeting was preceded by presentations and panel discussions on issues of importance to members.