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AI in focus at 2023 Global News Forum

Generative AI dominated discussion at the 2023 Global News Forum held in Kuching, Malaysia on July 10-12.

The Forum was attended by 141 delegates, representing 35 media organisations in 29 countries, including 22 members of the Asiavision video news exchange. In total, there were 121 representatives from ABU members.

With the theme AI, Leading Change and Inspiring a Greener Future, the conference focussed on the key issues facing the news industry.

Speakers included the Director General of RTM Malaysia, Suhaimi Sulaiman, the Deputy Director General in charge of International Broadcasting at TRT Turkiye, Omer Faruk Tanriverdi, and the Group Director of CMG Sri Lanka, Chevaan Daniel.

Delegates were urged to be alert to a rapid increase in fake news and synthetic content, as the functionality of AI platforms expands to include the generation of photographs, videos and voice recordings based on text descriptions.

The Lead of AI Strategy and Solutions at Mediacorp, Willy Tan, encouraged delegates to be very clear about why they want to use AI, by assessing the value of adding new capabilities, improving efficiencies and workflows, and reducing mundane or repetitive work.