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2nd CMG Media Forum calls for joint action by the global media community

The Global Forum, attended by heads of world’s broadcast unions and associations, the global media community, and the China Media Group issued a three-point joint initiative document.

It says, the parties were engaged in, in-depth exchanges and achieved broad consensus on the theme- “Opening-up, Inclusiveness, Mutual Benefit: Join Hands on the Path Towards Modernization”. The forum called on these joint action by the global media community.

  1. Stay committed to the mission of media and promote global cooperation. The forum pledged to uphold the irreplaceable role of media to disseminate in reliable information, mutual trust and build consensus.
  2. Innovate Communication and overcome global challenges. The delegates reaffirmed respect for the diversity of modernization paths and efforts to shape  friendly international environment for dialogue and consultation.
  3. Champion mutual learning among civilisation and enhance benefit-sharing for the whole world. The forum encouraged to foster constructive interaction, mutual understanding and people to people ties, to promote social progress and maintain world peace.

Hosted by China Media Group (CMG) and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the 2nd CMG Forum was attended by 200 representatives from international organizations, media, think-tanks and multi-national enterprises, on Thursday. A joint initiative was released by CMG, together with several international media organizations, to call for media organizations to take joint action to boost global cooperation.

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