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ABU Secretary-General delivers Keynote Address at the 2nd CMG Forum in Shanghai, China

Media serves as a bridge, connecting people across borders, cultures, and perspectives, and to foster constructive dialogue among nations. ABU Secretary-General, Ahmed Nadeem was speaking at a high-level forum, hosted by China Media Group, on Thursday in Shanghai, China.

The Forum is themed “Opening-up, Inclusiveness, Mutual Benefit: Join Hands on the Path Towards Modernization”. He said, the forum provides a valuable platform for reflection and collaboration, to explore the role of media amid global challenges.

Nadeem said, “In today’s interconnected world, media plays a pivotal role in disseminating information, fostering dialogue, and promoting understanding among nations. With the advent of digital technologies, and the rise of social media, the power and influence of media have reached unprecedented levels”.

Mr Nadeem expressed his expectation and hope, to forge a robust and inclusive media landscape in cooperation with CMG. He said, Chinese modernization presents new opportunities for global development. It has, not only uplifted millions of lives within China, but provides an inspiration and lessons for other nations.

The ABU Secretary-General ended by saying “together, we can shape a brighter future for media, for society, and for global development”.

This is the 2nd such international forum organized by China Media Group. The forum was attended by the heads and representatives of world’s broadcast unions and associations, and the global media community. The forum was attended by senior officials including the Mayor of Shanghai, party members and the President of CMG, Shen Haixiong.