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ABU News launches new Asiavision promo

The 2023 Asiavision promo has been launched.

The promo was launched at the Global News Forum in Kuching and highlights the range and quality of stories available on the ABU’s video news exchange.

“We wanted to show how Asiavision can make news bulletins more engaging and more compelling, with great vision of stories that matter,” said the Director of ABU News, Deborah Steele. “There’s no excuse for dull or boring bulletins or digital news if you have access to great, dynamic vision.”

Asiavision includes breaking news, headline stories, disaster coverage and issues based content including political and business stories, environment, health, innovation and cultural stories.

“The promo highlights that we are proud to offer a diversity of perspectives and that our members set the agenda,” said Deborah.

The promo is available on the ABU News – Asiavision Facebook page or on the ABU YouTube channel.