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ABU CARE Series 11 convenes in Langkawi

The 11th series of Change Asia Rescue the Earth (CARE) documentary co-production meeting was held at MERCURE Langkawi from 1-3 August 2023.

Producers from 10 countries gathered (in-person and online) for three days for the annual co-production initiative developed in cooperation with the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and the ABU.

Themed around projects to help achieve the now UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aimed at creating a better future for all the people around the world, this year’s productions include:

  • Vewa: A Cradle of Civilisation (CMG/MTV-Sri Lanka)
  • CO2 Journeys (NHK-Japan)
  • Nuspark: Preserving Traditional Malay Dance: The Zapin (RTM-Malaysia)
  • Minstrels’ Veysel (TRT-Turkey)
  • “Altyn asyr” Turkmen Lake – Resource of Endless Abundance (TVTM-Turkey)
  • Forest Beyond Timber (Happy Campers Productions-Malaysia)
  • Big Friends (VTV-Vietnam)
  • I Want To Be A Balinese Dancer (TVRI-Indonesia)
  • The Return of the Yangtze Finless Porpoises (CMG/CGTN-China)
  • Spirit of Asia (THAIPBS-Thailand)

For series 11, the ABU partnered with its member, HAPPY CAMPERS PRODUCTIONS, to include ABU’s CARE Series 11 – documentary co-production meeting in the Walk the Doc International Documentary Festival’s line-up. Executive Producer of the Series is Fabio Mancini of RAI-Italy and supported by Kenny Kihyung Bae of KBS-Korea.

Producers from the ABU CARE Series 11, also participated in events of the Walk The Doc festival – a platform provides filmmakers with a unique avenue to produce captivating documentaries centered around the themes of tourism, the environment, and sustainability.