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ABU part of RSF committee to develop charter on regulating AI in Media

ABU contributes to an international committee convened by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) to develop a charter aimed at regulating the use of AI in media.

Chaired by journalist and the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Maria Ressa, the committee consists of 21 members from 13 different countries, academic and professionals in the fields of journalism, AI and digital technologies. The ABU is represented by Director of Technology, Dr. Veysel Binbay.

The committee’s role is to develop a set of principles, rights, and obligations for information professionals regarding the use of AI-based systems.

The initiative will be managed by Reporters without Borders (RSF) in partnership with major NGOs defending journalism (FPU, EJN, CPJ, IPI, GFMD), media representative organisations for the press (WAN-IFRA) and TV (ABU, EBU) as well as investigative journalism consortia (ICIJ, OCCRP).

RSF believes the reputation of the members and the diversity of the partner organisations should make this text a reference in the media industry.