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Island Communication & Entertainment Private Limited (ICE Network) from Maldives joins ABU as Associate Member

Island Communication & Entertainment Private Limited (ICE Network) of Maldives, has become an Associate Member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). The approval for this membership was granted by the Administrative Council in August 2023.

Established in 2012, Island Communication and Entertainment launched their local channel, ICE TV, in 2014 to become the first HD channel to be established in Maldives. Initially starting with syndicated content, the channel has since expanded its broadcast to include original programming.

The organization’s vision revolves around providing a source of entertainment that offers respite from the dominating political discourse frequently occupying airtime on local channels. Their mission is to create a platform for the youth, allowing them to showcase their creativity and talents.

ICE offers comprehensive end-to-end production solutions, encompassing advertisements and more. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ICE has the capability to produce shows and short dramas, ensuring high-quality content production.