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Sun Siyam Media of Maldives joins ABU as Associate Member

(Photo: ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem meets with SS Media’s CEO Ibrahim Khaleel and COO Mohamed Asif. Sun Photo)

Sun Siyam Media Pvt. Ltd (SS Media) from Maldives has joined ABU as an Associate member, effective 10th August, 2023.

Since its establishment in 2008, SS Media has emerged as a prominent provider of diverse media services in the Maldives. It offers an extensive range of media products catering to diverse audience needs. It is recognized for the longest-running online news platform in the Maldives – Sun Online.

SS Media also operates a linear channel, SSTV. The channel captivates viewers with its content, which is accessible through free-to-air services on cable and IPTV platforms, along with free streaming on various social media platforms.

The media conglomerate extends its reach through SSNET, offering rebroadcasting services. Its IPTV and OTT services cover more than 95 islands across the Maldives. The comprehensive line-up encompasses 127 global channels, catering to both residential and business/hospitality sectors.

As part of its ABU membership, SS Media will join the ABU News Group and the video news exchange, Asiavision.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Sun Siyam Media remains dedicated to shaping and leading the media landscape of the Maldives.